Call us to discuss the super affordable rates during the rehearsal studio off peak hours. Please have a listen below, to a small sample of original music that has been recorded here.
We welcome all genre's and projects. Just want to record the drums here? Or maybe cut a quick vocal track over a beat? It's not a problem. We can usually have your tracks uploaded to our server by the time you leave.

Video production is also available. Here is a video of a live band playing in our tracking room Room A.

This next one was shot in one afternoon. Edited with lots of realtime VFX

Sound Reels

The Moonlighters Rock / Pop
Fraoch Collective Indie / Rock
Conor Larkin Rock / Pop
Brian Kapler Rock / Pop
Anywhere But Here Rock / Pop
Death Proof Rock / Punk

Recording Mic Cabinet

Name Description Count
Shure SM81 Old school industry standard small-diaphragm condenser. Works great on acoustic guitars, drum overheads, cymbals and strings. We have a pair for stereo imaging. 2
Shure KSM27 Excellent general purpose large diaphragm condenser. Works great on just about anything, especially vocals and acoustic instruments. 1
Shure Beta 52A Industry standard dynamic mic for kick drums. Also works well on bass cabs. 1
Shure SM57 Great all around dynamic microphone. Mostly used for snares, toms and guitar cabs. 5
CAD M179 This multi pattern large diaphragm condenser sounds good on just about anything we put in front of it. We have a pair for stereo imaging. 2
AKG D112 Industry standard kick drum mic. Works well on floor toms and bass cabinets as well. 1
Beyerdynamic TG-X80 This German made dynamic mic that has an extended frequency response. Can work well on drums, guitar cabs and vocals. 1
CAD Trion 7000 Smooth duel ribbon mic. 1
Shure SM58 Know for its live usage, this mic can also be quite useful in the studio for tracking most vocal styles . 2
EV N/D767a Excellent dynamic vocal mic. 2
Audix OM-7 Vocal mic designed primary to reduce feedback and outside noise due to its superior rear rejection characteristics. Great for tracking vocals when there is another instrument in the room. 1
AKG P 100 Our pair usually finds it way into room miking duties. 2
MXL 2006 Sounds great with certain vocalists and can also work well on softer acoustic instruments. 1